friday five 2004-08-13

  1. If your family was a television family, who would they be? Name family and/or television show.
    あなたの家族がテレビ番組の中の家族だとしたら、彼らは誰ですか? 家族とテレビ番組の名前は?
  2. If you and your friends were a television show, what show would best describe i.e. personalities and/or day-to-day relations?
  3. What television show would best represent your life?
  4. What theme song would run for a television about you? May be one used by a show already or something different.
    あなたについての番組のテーマソングは何? すでに番組に使われてるか、あるいは違う何か。
  5. Who would you have play yourself? Friends and family?
    あなた自身を演じるのは誰? 友達は? 家族は?


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